We hire people who believe in what they do.

Because we’re not just another shop down the street, we have an eclectic collection of people who aren’t afraid to go somewhere – and think and be – a little different. We’re in a unique place, which gives us a fresh perspective. And we like to think that the unconventional thinkers we attract help contribute to the offbeat flavor of our hometown.

If you think you can cut the mustard, check out our current openings and shoot over your resume to Scott Neverett. Remember, he holds the key to your future, so make sure you proofread, spell-check, and mind your p’s and q’s.

And we offer internships for budding talent.

At Palio, we’re all about creating an internship environment for newbies to cut their teeth on. And not in some coffee-fetching gofer role. You’ll actually do stuff here. Interested? Send your resume to Scott Neverett.

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