Branding with bare hands.

Good branding is more than a head game. That’s why we take a hands-on approach. Unlike most advertising and marketing agencies that outsource branding and design services, Palio staffs a full-service branding and design capability, called the Design Lab.

Our Design Lab capabilities cover the development of new or launch brand identities – including all brand implementation, assets, architectures, and usage guidelines that will be required – as well as the evolution or refinement of existing brands. Expert in logo creation and graphic design, our Design Lab has shaped brand identities for a broad range of companies and products, from Fortune 500 and Pharma 100 companies to smaller biotech start-ups.

The branding disciplines we cultivate in the lab go beyond traditional identity and promotion. Branding clinical trials, KOL programs, disease-state awareness and education-based patient programs, corporate initiatives, and internal-focused business/sales programs – it’s all on the table.

We take particular pride in the Lab’s expertise in data visualization, whether applied in the form of traditional printed media or as electronic and dynamic media, which is produced in conjunction with our Media Lab. Data is the foundation of pharmaceutical promotion. We know how to turn it into a beautiful picture.

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