Every pixel tells a story.

We cannot discuss digital marketing today without consideration of media context and environment. Digital (screen-based) media is moving media, both literally and figuratively, and understanding the context it creates for marketing messages is fundamental to achieving success.

Our brand-centric, insight-driven approach provides the perfect platform from which to drive these dynamic multichannel engagements. Palio’s Digital Strategy team is responsible for leveraging the multitude of online, digital, and mobile marketing channels now available to provide strategic counsel, best practices, and technical know-how on all things digital.

At Palio, we’re in the vanguard of this evolution, creating engagement-based media that anticipate the needs and interests of your target. For this, we rely on our core development engine of IT gurus, technology wonks, media specialists, storytellers, editors, animators, designers, coders, videographers, CGI experts – all digital dream weavers. From Web sites to app development to games, animations, social media builds, 3-D objects, and medical animation … if you can dream it, we can build it.

As media channels evolve and merge with new forms of technology and interactivity, more finite targeting, segmenting, and messaging opportunities are allowing brands to reach consumers with a more refined relevance. This relevance finds consumers willingly interacting with brands in very individualized and personal ways.

The Palio Media Lab is designed to help our clients take advantage of this opportunity and the promise of these new technologies. The Media Lab builds upon the full-scale, on-site broadcast production unit the agency launched in 2003. Since that time, the agency has produced TV and radio spots, movie trailers, videos, DVDs, and webcasts.

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