We talk to regular folk, too.

When you build your expertise and reputation on finding the best stories to tell from the most complicated clinical data, telling those stories to a lay audience isn’t a challenge. It’s a thrill. And we’re always looking for fresh ways to connect with audiences.

For more than 10 years, pharma has been telling people to “ask your doctor.” And while it’s been a successful endeavor by nearly every measure, there’s no doubt that the clumsy ads that have made their way to the public have hurt the industry’s image. That’s why it’s so important that brands that reach out to consumers work to make an elegant connection.

Our approach to consumer promotion isn’t to force a question. It’s to discover a dialogue. That’s why we’re pushing the discussion into social media, digital, mobile – all the places where brands can connect with consumers, not by planting buzzwords or pushing symptoms, but by providing information and value when and where they want it.

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