Dry? No. We love this stuff.

When it comes to managed markets, traditional healthcare agencies usually fall into 1 of 2 categories: They’re either a creative agency that doesn’t really understand the managed care and payer space, or they are consultants who understand the business but lack the ability to deliver the full spectrum of agency capabilities.

Palio Managed Markets offers the expertise and experience of managed markets professionals along with the breadth and strength of Palio’s core agency capabilities. Highly attuned to the business and objectives of managed markets, our Account Services and Creative Services staff work closely with Palio’s Brand Strategy and Medical Strategy specialists to ensure optimum results in this increasingly complex marketplace.

You won’t have to explain the difference between a medical director and a pharmacy director to us. We know what questions need to be asked and, just as important, to which customers. With our thorough understanding of value proposition development and FDAMA 114 messaging, we can help you craft an effective marketing strategy that targets and delivers the right results at the right time for your brand. Above all, we won’t recommend a “Madison Avenue” approach that will put off your core constituency. We get it.

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