We help you manage today’s risk landscape – without getting lost in the weeds.

Having a Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) doesn’t have to mean the end of your brand. When you partner with Palio, you can put a premium on the safe and appropriate use of your product and still succeed in the marketplace.

No other agency can match Palio’s record of helping clients manage their responsibilities in highly regulated spaces. By the time the REMS era began, we had already marketed nearly 30 brands with a boxed warning and 7 with a RiskMAP. Today, led by a team of medical strategists in constant touch with government and industry leaders, we continue to guide our clients efficiently to their goals. Nearly a dozen brands with a REMS requirement have succeeded with the help of creative solutions from Palio.

All REMS programs consist of communication elements, and most don’t go beyond that. So it’s essential that your agency partner should be able to give your brands great creative executions that stay within today’s regulatory framework. Your partner should also be able to execute required communication tools and help assess their effectiveness for your regulatory reporting. Palio gives you these capabilities and more: If your REMS goes beyond communications alone, our inVentiv network allows us to tap into best-in-class partners to tackle any broader challenges.

Where others may stumble, Palio helps you succeed. Let us show you how.

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