Science Fiction Here Today: Why Not?

Quinn Tetterton, Executive Creative Producer, Palio

Ignite Social Media had a great post on Aug. 24 that offered 5 technologies that could change social media:

  1. augmented reality
  2. wearable technology
  3. brain-control interface
  4. holographic projection, and
  5. omnipresent interactive surfaces.

It’s a great article worth checking out. What I loved most about it, though, is that the most amazing thing about their list, and the examples they offer, is that none of this is science fiction. It’s all already here. In fact, you’ve probably seen examples of all five of these in action yourself, without even thinking much about them.

Just as a few examples, have you noticed:

  1. last holiday season’s best-selling Mind Flex toy
  2. the amazing Star Walk mobile-phone app, or
  3. CNN’s hologram interviews?

These technologies have snuck into our lives so quietly that we forget how amazing they are. And, on the flip side, because they sound so unreal in the abstract, we forget to consider them when we’re developing our own work. When was the last time you suggested, “Hey, how about we work some brain-control interface into this next project?” “Can we display this holographically?” “Why don’t we consider an interactive surface for this?”

Hopefully, you’ve done so recently… but realistically speaking, you probably haven’t. I know I haven’t. It’s only when you see these technologies in an atmosphere where your brain is already primed to think about the professional applications that they pop up.

  1. Is your lobby or waiting area equipped with interactive tables?
  2. Are your campaigns leading viewers to mobile apps so cool they’ll attract the attention of strangers on the subway?
  3. Are your presentations at conferences and to prospective clients jazzed up with the occasional hologram?

It’s here. It’s doable. It’s not just flash – it’s interactivity and engagement. And, yes, it’s super cool stuff as well.

So I just have one question for you: “Why not?”


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