Palio Tech Watch | 10.10.11

Palio Tech Watch: The Hot 5

Marty Hardin, SVP Director of Emerging Media and Technology

01. Amazing printer concept

in prototype phase
Periperals, concept, user experience

What it is:

A concept for a printer from Artefact that behaves the way you wish your own printer did.

Why it Matters:

Devices are not becoming smarter, our observations of human behavior should be getting better to help in our refinement of what will appeal to consumers. Or, as the old saying goes, “the bait should suit the fish, not the angler.” In order for us, as an industry, to be able to achieve uptake in the marketplace, the first place we should start is through the eyes of the consumer. What do they want? What do they need? What frustrates them and how can we make it better? Customer centric design will make all the difference. Lose focus on the customer’s needs and desires, and your product, website or app will fail.

02. Nicholas Felton’s design of Facebook’s timeline

in limited pre-release

Information graphics, user experience, information graphics

What it is:

The big news rolling out of the F8 conference

Why it Matters:

This is a robust demonstration of how deeply information graphics have penetrated the marketplace. While, like any change on Facebook, there will be people who will not like it, this will have a major impact on how people will want to receive information dense materials. As we develop materials that are heavy in facts, figures and data points, we should all take note, and steal… er, borrow a page from Facebook.


03. Wisconsin library now lending iPads


Tablet devices, iPad, iOS, education

What it is:

A clear indicator of how far tablet technology has come and how far it will be going

Why it Matters:

The public library is the last place you’d expect to be able to check out an electronic device. But, when you think about it, it makes sense. In the pilot program, each of the 32 iPads in the library’s inventory is loaded with 1,000 classic titles and 10 audio books. That represents a virtual inventory of 32,000 books and 320 audio books that the library can have on hand at any time.It should also be noted some 11,000 libraries (out of a total of 122,101 across the nation) last month began lending books for Amazon’s Kindle ebook platform according to is also clear, that while the pharma industry has taken note of the value of tablet technology from a costs savings perspective, the true insight is that in the very near future, cost savings or not, this will be our targets preferred choice of interface.


04. Monitoring patients using an intelligent t-shirt

in the prototype phase

Smart garments, telemetrics, biometrics

What it is:

A wearable patient monitoring device

Why it Matters:

In the near future, patients and doctors will have access to realtime, data. This could also be a boon to the pharma industry. Imagine being able to track and interact with a patient based on actual data. AE’s could be avoided, better refinement of dosage could be calibrated and a closer correlation between physical conditions, lifestyle choices and the patients disease state could be tracked, monitored and recorded. Essentially, we would have a realtime image of our patients and their lives. Real world data that could shed light on discoveries that lab studies would never be able to observe.


05. Dreamworks bypasses HBO to stream to Netflix

Entertainment, streaming media

What it is:

The first major movie studio to opt to stream directly to consumers via a web-based distribution service

Why it Matters:

This follows closely to Discovery Network’s recent announcement that they would stream full episodes of past season’s shows. What’s more important is that this is a very strong indicator that web based video services have moved from being a novel way to watch videos to a viable, profitable way to distribute content.We are starting to see a shift from device oriented perceptions (internet video, mobile video, cable television, etc.), to an innate understanding that a screen is a a video portal, regardless of device. With that shift in perception, the credibility of the content is no longer being diminished by the device or delivery method. The video device enabled consumer will be more likely to judge the quality of the content above the delivery method. This means that a message from a corporation will be as valid online as it is in broadcast, without the added cost of delivery that traditional television brings with it.


 Other stories of note


How to use the new Facebook Timeline feature to see who has unfriended you

You may have been unfriended, but not know it. This simple tip shows how. Hey, since they aren’t your friends anymore, they won’t see it if you post this on Facebook…


Lifty brings classic literature to your iPad, mobile device or desktop

Related to the iPad library story above, Lifty is new service that accesses Project Gutenberg‘s 20,000 open source e-reader based literary classics, without having to use the clunky Project Gutenberg interface. Lifty is free, accesa and doesn’t require you to join, but if you do, you get the added benefit of being able to book mark your selections and return to them later.


Web Sensation: “What set the mood the day you were conceived”

GE, along with  The Barbarian Group, has created another informative and entertaining data visualization, but this time it’s about the day you were conceived. Be sure to look in the lower right corner to enter your birth date. The stats are cool. Unfortunately the mental image of my folks… well, thankfully, GE hasn’t figured out how to visualize everything.


 Happy exploring.

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